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Naked Love

Naked Love

Naked Love

If I stood before you
Not bare of the skin
But the scars within
Would you take it
Would you dare to take a peek
Of what's underneath
My casing
Would you take my flaws
And see the beauty in them
Take my insecurities
And hold them in your hands like gems
Precious stones that need to be handled with care
Would you dare
Take steps past my weary walls
Take that leap as every brick falls
And I let you in
To see my sins
And the demons that keep me up at night
Would you hold tight
When you feel I might flee
From the love you're willing to give me
Because though I want to love you
And might already do
Love scares me
And I don't know how to receive it
Pull it in so close that I breath it
'Cause I've never been loved
By someone like you
There are so few
Willing to work for my heart
Climb over my work of art
Take a sledge hammer to my comfort zone
And run their hands over my "like to be alone"
Peel back my layers
To discover that I'm kinda weird and lame
To then enjoy the discovery and love me all the same
And Take me

If I stood before you
With my heart on fire
Aflame for my need of you
Would you take your cue
And douse it with yours
On it
All your scars
And flaws
And walls
Until you're as naked as me
Would you put your trust in who I am
Knowing I wouldn't scam
Your beautiful heart
With pretty talks of love
Only to shove
You away
Would you let me take your naked
See your imprints of pain
And love you all the same
Because all that you are
Your hurt and your scars
Make you a walking work of art
And if you ever fall apart
Would you trust me
To help you put your pieces back together
Even at those times
When I don't know what to say
And all I'm able to give
Is my shoulder for your head to lay
Would you bare your soul
To me
If I bared my soul to you
Would you let me
Take your

Would you allow us
To stand before each other
Stripped down
To our
And fears
With clear roads for us to travel upon
Take dips
In the ponds
Of what makes us laugh
And what makes us cry
And no denies
Of what turns us on
Yes, right there
Come on
And bite me
Send your lighting
Up and down my spine
With just the purity of who you are
And I'll send you the thunder
Of what makes me, me
So we can get swept up and under
Each others' storms
And play in our naked rain
My chest with your heart's print
And I'll gladly do the same
My raw, naked love forever sent
To you
And if you want
I will gladly
Take yours


Tara Sellers (author) on September 17, 2018:

Thank you so much John Hanson! I appreciate the read and your candor!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 17, 2018:

It is often difficult to reveal ourselves "naked" all our insecurities, scars, flaws, etc to others and let them inside the outer barrier we set up like a shield. When we find that person that we are willing to take a chance on and trust, they have to be willing to also let down all barriers and open up to us as well.

This was a wonderfully written piece of poetry. I love it.

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