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Writings from deployment series, Wrote this when I was in Afghanistan 2011-2012.

Night Run


Tonight, I let the moon light my way.
As I open widespread for life's thrust,
over examining its features,
over analyzing,
pensive thinking deeper,
sinking lower and lower,
beaching new levels.
Tonight, I let the moon lead my path.
Trudging forward in pitch black sand,
visibility of 1 statue mile,
debating on whether to cancel my scheduled outlets.
Tonight, I let the moon carry me.
Tonight, I felt free, briefly.
As sweat fell from pour to pour,
salty stinging wounds,
core to surface level,
tonight, the moon reminded me of life,
the only thing nothing could ever take.
This is my own.
Tonight, I breached new levels.
Tonight, I was thinking of you.

© 2022 Francesca Caterisano

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