NFC Divisional RHYMES

Updated on January 15, 2018


The Saints showed they work.
They proved what they are worth.
They move the ball well.
Even when their running game fails.
The passing game remained.
Their defense didn't change.
They looked very ready.
To move on and play Tom Brady.
In Minnesota, the showdown begins.
Showdown from beginning to end.
The game may be in Minnesota.
But the saints are the team that is favored.
In favor of winning.
Because of the saints playing.
They have been playing well all season.
The Saints definitely have more experience.
With DREW BREES in the backfield.
This game just had a different feel.
Minnesota fans have a reason.
To believe in their Vikings.
The Superbowl is in their dome.
They believe the trophy will be home.

1st Quarter

The game has begun.
The Vikings fans see expectations.
Their team struck first.
While Drew Brees looked like he was cursed.
But the defense played their role.
They weren't placed in a deep hole.
Drew Brees hoped to get going.
He sees his man open.
So he takes a chance and throws it.
But the defenders intercept it.
But their defense still holds.
They force a field goal.
Vikings were up 10-0.
The quarter wound down slowly.
They looked like they were winning.

2nd Quarter

The veterans saints made changes.
They were simple but insignificant.
Vikings score another TD.
By Latavius Murray.
The Saints have to answer.
The Saints look to recover.
They drive the ball downfield.
Gets an int and feel it's sealed.
The saints are not down by big.
But they need a spark from their veterans.
The saints are better than this.
There was panic in the who dat nation.
They have an MVP type QB.
It was unusual seeing him struggling.
Especially in a playoff game.
Who Dat nation hoped to see change.

3rd Quarter

The Vikings get the ball after halftime.
Starting off at their own 25.
The Vikings drive down the field.
The Saints defense kills.
They kill their momentum.
Making them give the ball to them.
But they didn't change the offense.
They didn't get what they needed.
They held the Vikings scoreless.
But they were not capitalizing.
Later on in the quarter.
Brees gets it going.
He throws a TD.
But the quarter was ending.

4th Quarter

The Vikings were up 10.
It looked like an easy win.
But Drew continued his beginning.
He kept the ball rolling.
They scored again early.
Only down three points early.
But the defense slipped up.
But a TD they didn't give up.
That Vikings went up 6.
Vikings put themselves in position.
Position to win the game.
But Drew Brees changed the game.
Putting his saints up a point.
Vikings panicked at this point.
The Saints let them get a field goal.
But they had one of their own.
The Vikings needed to respond.
If they did not they were gone.
Keenan threw a hail mary.
Creating a fairy tale ending.


The Vikings winning was no shocker.
The game was in their favor.
They started out playing well.
They were focused not to fail.
But the injury bug struck.
They lost a little luck.
It got shaky in the 4th.
They lost some of their efforts.
They shaky moments.
Led the Saints scoring.
An experienced team in the playoffs.
Made it a game that they almost lost.
But a prayer fulfilled some wishes.
Today are happy fans of Vikings.
There are upset fans in New Orleans.
That feel they were robbed of winning.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius



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