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Needle and Thread

Sudha madhuri dash is a published author of many novels. Along with photography she loves horse riding and practices odissi dance.




My mom-in-law and I are like needle and thread

We are worlds apart

But that is only the start

If i thought of me as thread that seals and ties

She is like a needle that pokes and jabs

Making me aware of the fact that the world is not easy

And life is more of a trapeze

My mom in law and I are like chai and pakora

We love eating Pani Puri and bread and both are a little twisted in the head.

We hang out together like besties and have lots of fun
While tanning out in afternoon the sun

My mom in law really is so special She gets the dukanwalas to reduce the price

And gets a bargain for half the actual price
My mom in law and I are like noddy and his little red car

For we cant do without each other

My mom-in-law and I are like tequila shot and the glass

One shot is fine....more to follow then it a fuss

My mom-in-law and i are like....

the rain and the sun

The sky and the clouds

The nut and the mad house

The panty and the blouse

Now that she is gone

I have none

My mom-in-law and i are the hubbers of life

Missing her strife

Yet ....

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