The Untold Issue: Lebron James

Updated on January 22, 2018


The Cleveland Cavs are NBA finalists.
But currently, have the worst defense.
Losing four straight games.
It's a disgrace seeing them play.
Seeing them play younger teams.
NBA legends like Charles Barkley.
Have said they they are too old.
Vs each young team that showed.
They cannot get back on defense.
They are surely not looking like champions.
Losing nine games of the last twelve.
They look to have the recipe to fail.
Numerous players display their frustration.
They won't say what's causing the frustration.
It may be too many games.
Or it may be just Lebron James.

HE is not bigger than the team

In December of 2017.
Lebron James is celebrating.
Celebrating his 33rd birthday.
While losing to the Jazz on the same day.
But it's not about Cavs losing the game.
It's what he said before the game.
That turned many heads.
Many may have been misled.
Many may have been right.
What Lebron James said wasn't right.
He says he needs a win.
Then later tries to correct it.
Throwing in his team.
He then says that he.
He doesn't suck.
But says that his team sucks.
It seems like its only Utah.
But that's not what many saw.
They saw that he said HE before it all.
His team may think he doesn't care at all.

Why are you so Defensive?

Since that remark things went spiraling.
The Cleveland Cavs were losing.
Losing at an alarming rate.
They won a game but the mistakes.
The mistakes came back in Toronto.
The undermanned raptors put on a show.
Beating the Cavs by +30 points.
Which led to most to point.
Point their fingers at Ty Lue.
Coach Lue was interviewed postgame.
Coach lue was not going to take the blame.
He addressed the changes they needed to make.
But also said something that a major mistake.
He said that they must get personal agendas.
Out of the way so they become winners.
That did not sit well with James.
He responded in a professional way.
James said he had no clue.
What Coach Lue was trying to do.
That remark he started defending.
Saying he does not have any.

Leaders get their team ready

It was before the finals rematch.
On the birth of one of the greatest.
The greatest men that walked this earth.
Dr. Martin King was honored.
But the game was asked about later.
The Cavs can't afford to lose another.
They already lost three.
They're not looking to be ready.
Not ready for the playoffs.
Lebron confirmed that Cavs are lost.
Some players haven't yet played.
But help is on the way.
Meanwhile, they lose the game.
The fans don't see the change.
They still are playing no defense.
Lebron is getting his stats while his teams losing.


Lebron James won his first 2 MVPs.
Along with the number one seed.
In the playoffs, none of that showed.
He and his team ended up going home.
Personally, I know first hand.
I know because I was a fan.
Cheering on this dude's failures.
Called him great when he's an underachiever.
I saw him given the help.
Heard analysts say he had no help.
I seen him lose.
But his stat padding covered the wounds.
So when I and many.
Heard what he has been saying.
The conclusion was already made.
He's playing the role that he always played.
Not taking the blame.
Not enforcing change.
He never made his teams better.
He only made them funnier.

Do you think cavs problem is Lebron James?

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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