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Mystique _ Poetry by Dominis

I'm a fan of poetry. Graduated theologian by profession, in my spare time I am an enthusiast.



Through the mist, a man passes,
does not see the way, does not see the path,
he moves forward because he is a tracer and a traveler,
he strives for the indescribable,
he listens to the silence,
and understands the breeze which speaks to him about God,
and approaches the Bush that Burns, but does not Burn Out,
and admires the nature and everything that God has created,
and is astonished with man and his unfaithfulness
he is blessed even though he does not see, but still believes,
even if sometimes he does see, he keeps searching for more
he prays to the Holy One and strives for holiness
he speaks of something that words cannot describe
he feels and knows that has to be it
because he is a mystique of the modern age.

© 2022 Nikola Dominis

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