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Mystery of Fairness


No mystery.

Just a face and a voice.

Just a hand to hold, and a body to wrap myself around.

A living safety net.

Fair is not the word I'm looking for in this boy. It did not begin that way, and it will not continue that way.

There was no fairness in allowing a boy to love me until he couldn't any longer, and then allowing myself to turn another boy into a human shelter.

Some place to call home.

With him, there is no solving.

No equation, no second guessing, no grey area.

Just a boy made of golden light, and beginners curiosity.

A boy who's laughter could stop a tornado, and reverse spells.

A boy who's arms became my favorite sense of warmth.

A boy with fire in his fingerprints,and patience in his palms.

A boy I can finally call mine.

© 2019 Xandra Lang

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