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I like to think that I know who I am

But yall got me second guessing myself

So often I try to put my feelings up on a shelf

Just so I can worry about someone else

But I’m starting to lose it

What ever makes me me

As you tell me I am who I am

Like you know

Like you’d know

Its all a scam

Only in it for themselves

Caring only for how it makes them feel

What sham

I’ve gotta pull apart

Set myself wrong from the start

Sometimes its ok to be selfish

If only to know when someone is taking too much

Well now you won’t be my crutch

I’m moving on

Well past the illusions you put up

Filling up my cup

With the truest of reality

Truest of me

Keep your scam

Your sham

I’m on to bigger and better things

Remembering who I am

© 2021 David

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