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My Wish

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I wish to have this confidence I never felt

I wish to have this moment of contentment

I wish all the best for my family

I wish I was this brave to face my fears

I wish for so many things to overcome them as long as I am living

I know I have the capabilities

I know I can

But the thing is, I’m a coward

I’m too scared to try

I can’t even move, I can’t even start

I wish I am brave enough to face myself

I wish to love and embrace myself, especially my flaws and weaknesses

I wish to be more positive

I wish to help myself from every fear that I have in my mind

I wish to be strong and infinite

I wish to make my goals and dreams turn into reality not for myself but for the people who believe

I wish to fulfil my passion and purpose

I wish to be more grateful

I wish to stop this envy and jealousy that I feel

I wish to be more productive

I wish to have this power to help others

I wish to be selfless

I know I don’t have to plan because life is so unpredictable you don’t know where it will lead you.

But I do wish it will lead me and my loved ones to a better life

I wish this unpredictable life will make me a better person day by day

For myself and for my loved ones.

© 2019 Dyile

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