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My Mistress

A 28-year-old nerd who loves writing, history and just learning as much as possible Works part-time as an SAT-Prep Teacher at Huntington

You picked me up as a child. Back when we were still innocent enough

to be cute together. And then you surprised me when I was older. A curious

thought passed your lips. Still innocent, I heeded. And punishment was swift.

And then at 12, you held my hand and taught me. words danced around us,

Ideas crept, slept, and kept with me until they were woken up. Curiosity festered

Like a sore in my heart. Desire grew tall and hardened.

And yet you kept telling me it’s okay.

I didn’t like the secrecy, but I did like you.

You were my friend.

I was scared to act fully on it, but again, it was okay.

You created dreams for me to act them out.

By that point I was in love with you.

Over time, I struggled.

We fought, we broke up, I came crawling back

And you wrapped your arms around me

Kissed my forehead

And constricted me so I couldn’t escape again.

Because it was okay. My heart was your puppet

My feelings were your signature

And my life was your stage to show off

Your latest work.

As for me,

While your poison coursed into

My essence

I smiled like an idiot

And enjoyed your temptations to the full.

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