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My Heart

My Heart

Since I was 12,

I have loved poetry,

Reciting poems aloud,

Doing some to nationals,

All in all........

Poetry is my true talent,

Of the few things I hold close to my heart,

You are the main,

Though you've let me down,

When I've needed you the most,

I've written about you always,

For all that cared,

But most importantly,

When I felt in love,


Its you my dear,

My soul,

That's broken my heart,




WAMBANI VICTOR (author) from NAIROBI, KENYA on April 22, 2018:

Sure it did. Everything happens for a predestined reason

BeckyTP from Kisii on April 22, 2018:

But it got you here. Stronger and better than the teacher.

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