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Smoked Salmon Addiction

Luke Holm earned bachelor's degrees in English and philosophy from NIU. He is a middle school teacher and a creative writer.

How Do You Like Yours?

Some people cook it.
Other people roll it up raw.
As for me, I prefer to smoke a bit,
it’s not like I’m breaking the law.



It fills my thoughts and my time.
You won’t understand my obsession.
The fact that it consumes my mind
is not what I call regression.

It’s how I spend my money.
I’ve tried many different strains.
I’ve become a connoisseur, honey.
Try to get that through your brain.

My First Time

My addiction started at a party
when the host brought out a dish.
One sniff sent me into a starry
dream with just one wish.


The Fiend

I knew I must have more,
whether Humpy, Coho, or King.
So I wondered were I could score
some sweet and savory ling.

The Dealer

That night, I went to the corner
and bought myself two pounds.
The guy said he knew a farmer
who bred outside of town.

The product was the best he’d seen
on the market or in the streets.
He assured me it was pure and clean
and would bring me sweet release.



The scene was kind of fishy
so I bailed once I bought.
I don’t know why it felt so sketchy,
it wasn’t like I’d been caught.


The Fix

Heading home, I held it close,
my fresh and ready treat.
I craved a taste, just a tiny dose,
so I turned down a darkened street.

In the shadows, I cut a slice,
preparing for piscatorial heaven.
Then in the gutter, with the mice,
I indulged like the Devons.


My body shook from the pleasure
of intoxicating delight.
Who would have guessed that such a treasure
would feel so very right?


Soon enough, my stash was gone.
It filled me all at once.
Wasted like a gluttonous moron,
I felt like such a dunce.



After that, I changed my ways
and embodied the epicure.
Now I season and smoke fillets
instead of feasting premature.


The Answer

What is the fix that I’ve alluded to?
If you look closely and examine
the lines for every clue,
you’ll find that I fiend salmon.

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