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Rainbow Written By Mom

I love to write poems, poetry and stories or whatever that comes to my open spiritual mind. Some fiction and non-fiction.

My Rainbow


My Rainbow

In my darkest hours when there seems to be no light, I think of my rainbow that shines so bright. Each and every color represents each one of you. All my children make up my rainbow’s brilliant colors here:

The Crimson is the boldness that bonds when things go wrong.

The Blue is the thoughtfulness that you all share.

The Yellow is the Love that shows that we all care.

The Orange is the gentleness that you all possess.

The Green is the courage you show in time of stress.

And If any of these colors where to be missing, My Rainbow would fall apart, I pray to god to keep the colors there, this to fill my heart, and the Gold at the end of My Rainbow is what each one of you add: It is Faith, Hope, Charity and Love this makes my heart so glad. Love To All Written By: Mom 1991

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