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My Darkest Hour

Jennifer Tessena earned both a BS in Nursing and Psychology, years after this dark period in her life. She is now an optimist & positivist.

My Darkest Hour

Alone in a prison self-created,

Clothed in a cloak of despair,

Dreams of youth long since faded,

A life beyond repair.

As I look into the mirror,

At a face I do not know,

I wonder where that ltitle girl went,

From so many years ago.

A heart grown cold, a body weary,

The years pass quickly on,

I mourn for all that I have lost,

Time and loved ones gone.

As I lay my head to sleep,

I pray to the empty sky,

That this nightmare soon be over,

Or peacefully I die.



Adam Mason from Melbourne, Australia on December 30, 2018:

Very sad. Seems like she realised that the despair was beyond her control and decided that death was an acceptable outcome. We all get old at some point, I'm not there yet though haha.

Really nice poem, enjoyed it :)

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