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Covid Governments?

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


From the first day of covid
I did not agree with the government
On a group quarantine
And I wasn't wearing a mask
The first year The second year
To infinity
Shall we wear a mask for life?
I did not agree with the government to close the sea
I disagree with the government on many things
And with the days I felt
I encourage violators
Like violating traffic lights
And as the days passed, I saw patients
They sneeze in our faces
I was oblivious
I was against the government
Because I am against
But today I wear a mask
I like to wear a mask with conviction
Especially in crowded places
As for . group quarantine
I still don't agree with it
And I encourage individual quarantine
And everyone feels sick
Or persistent sneezing and coughing
Please stay at home
But we can't imprison everyone
People's livelihood will be damaged
Public interests will be harmed
What if covid lives with us?
We must accept
Maybe it's time to live like a zombie
Perhaps it is the vaccination against many epidemics
the world is changing
People took off their clothes
And freedom is naked or stupid
Weird movies are strangely spread
Why are we only surprised by Covid
Let the people live with conviction
If you are sick, stay at home
But we can't imprison everyone