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My Soul Mate From Past Lives

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He and I and the centuries

A lavish living room...
Me with him, dancing a waltz.
in that memorable dance.
Full youth, plans.

I follow in his footsteps,
I slide towards him, every time.
His gaze reads every thought of mine,
they caress his lips, which suggest verses.
Happiness supplants everything gloomy.

His body glued to me,
his perfume that covers me with pleasurable transparencies...
Elegance, distinction and attractive visions,
we unfold to the astral concurrence.
Eternal love, of centuries in peace.


Sempiternal verse

I stand in silence
in my long flowing dress.
I wrap you in the time,
of that ancient and harmonious century.

I float and travel everywhere...
At night when it rains musical notes,
I walk in my garden of yesterday,
collecting the flowers of passionate intensities.

In ecstasy of your blue and eternal verses,
I smile at you waiting for more audacity.
Knight of my nights and my days,
love is consecrated in sempiternal verse.


Millennial love

A half-open window shows the brilliance of life.
memories slip away in the transition of centuries;
on a closed chest, kept in a forest that never forgets.
Everlasting nostalgia for an ancient love.

I have crossed lives and events,
caresses and bumps,
And your love I have saved
in the chest of eternity.

My sweet love, love of my life...
What enigmas do you enclose in your transparent figure?
Where did you go?
I was reborn! Love of my life!

And I wonder if you resurfaced this time;
in my same time, or you spaced yourself in the distance
of the centuries, being born before me.

Display your promises, carved in blue memories!
Come my love!
Make yourself present please.

Where are you?....

sunrise in your arms,
Handcuffed in your bonds.
Steal me all the kisses that I treasured,
behind the centuries;
kidnapped and adored.

a storm is coming
and we both look up.
Rain of tears that moistens
our broken souls...

The dark clouds clear...

Naughty I ruffle your hair and smile,
I run between the trees of the hours,
You chase me, I keep running
between the seconds;
laughing out loud.
Suddenly, you grab the shortcut of the verses,
on the path of rhymes, and you catch me with your kisses.
I continue with the jokes and between the minutes of the lyrics;
I slip away again.

Oh youthful waste of lilies overflowing with illusion!
The moon, inseparable companion of romantics like you and me,
she smiles and covers us with her luminosity.
A hug unites us, like twin souls, in the immensity.
And a final kiss is stamped on the greenery of love.

I'll always wait for you…


Woman in love with you

You know I love you,
You know I think of you
And I know you think of me too.
The refined night pours its charm
of black and white.
As if we only existed in the movies of yesteryear.
The ideal and illusory romance refreshes
to the nocturnal swaying of the hours and minutes.

The road emits radiation from ancient times,
sidewalks of stones full of routines and ghosts.
You kiss me. And your love is sincere
like the rocks that overflow in the rivers of love.
Like the dreams attached to the nothingness of self-absorbed verses.

The raft of true love calls us.
Love you. Let's travel in the sea,
with storms and color rays,
nothing will destroy our love.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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