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My Profession and Me

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A doctor's life

Get up early

With my wife's smiling face

The tea was ready.

Expressing a lot of hope

Her voice cracked,

Today is our daughter's birthday

At the same time, the telephone rang.

Hello! I picked up the telephone receiver.

A terrible sound came from above.

Doctor! Emergency patient

Serious cases immediately come

The tea was cold with my mind

I got up in a hurry, smiling at my wife's face.

When I changed my clothes,

I sympathized with her

Daughter's birthday and emergency illness,

No it's impossible! Dear,

Make coffee I will be soon in the evening.

She was silent, I went out.

I arrived at the hospital - the accident was life and death.

I fell for people who have always been dutiful in my profession.

Hope appeared, I succeeded.

I was happily decorating my daughter's birthday.

Duty Order, Spoken Doctor!

Today is your whole night duty

Because Dr. Nirmal's mother passed away.

She had just arrived yesterday.

Oh! My daughter is 4 years old today

Burning my brain, your young minds

I'm sorry, I can't cut your birthday cake

They burn with me, I cannot exchange your happiness

I can't share my laughter with you.