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My Old Days Poetry

I am a teacher of languages and literature.I did M.A in English and Urdu with B.ed.Writing is my first love and passion.



You come and go like dreams

O dripping wound of memory,

Come …take me in your arms

And let me feel the pain

The pain with endless agony

O dripping wound of memory,

Come …hold me by my world

The world of buried roses

The world of moaning

O dripping wound of memory,

Just let me be with you

You make me think of her


Formation of shadows

Light of life goes on,

Straight rays without bending around.

But the shadow would be formed

Only if YOU dare to stand up and block the rays,

The straight rays that do move, but without bending around.



A red smudge in darkness,

Burns inside

Like a flame...

And melts away

With each drop

This smoldering speck

Falls apart

And someone whispers,

Heart …………….



When objects of beauty get into my eye

My heart yearns for something still more to fly

From sparks to rocks, from rocks to sun

I want to shake all with a plaintive cry

I seek such end that remains endless

With hopeful heart, impatient eye

All hidden secrets seem now to blow

I know them all, but never know ’why’

It’s push from the heavens that I tread here on,

Must I go or be little shy?

© 2020 shahid mahmood