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My Muse and I

Adekitan is a Nigerian writer and poet. She has Self-published over seven novels. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends

My Muse and I


My muse and I

It was a long tough battle, but in the end, I won.
A drawn out cold silent war between my muse and me.

No words, just eerie silence.
Blank pages.
Loads of words, but stuck inside not willing to be let loose.

No matter how I try, indeed I tried but nothing seems to be working.
Until I let it be, no more cajoling my muse. No more placating my muse.

Then it happened when I least expected.
Our differences settled, all was forgiven.
A new page was opened and everything was perfect again between us.

Indeed it was a long tough battle but in the end, I won.

© 2022 Adekitan

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