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My momo

She didn't baked you cookies the way you thought a grandma should.

She may not have given you the sweet comfort you thought a grandma would.

There was no chicken noodle soup when you were ill but she'll pour goose grease and honey down your throat at will.

My momo wasn't what you thought she would be but she gave me tough love to encourage me.

She always listened when you didn't understand your parents and she even kept your secrets if you told her to not tell it.

She taught us to bake our own brownies and stand on our own but if you needed a place to stay, she would provide a home.

You didn't say it frequently but your actions proved you're true, Love is an action word and you showed us what to do.

It was hard to get my momo to laugh but when you did it was a joy her smile gave you worth no matter girl or boy.

She left us pretty quickly without giving a chance to say, momo we love you and we’ll miss you every single day.

Well now momo we say goodbye and although it's very hard we know you are safe in the arms of your Lord.

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