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My Love for Art

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I am currently a second year medical student. My passion includes trying to achieve ny goals and making ppl around me happy


"If you never try you'll never know"
This is what my actions wanted to show,
Cooking, stiching and poetry I tried my best
But arts for me was still a test.

I was bad at drawing and hated arts and craft,
So I decided to prepare a draft.
Weird monster drawings on the class table,
My friends would laugh and tell me your unable.

I admired people with art skills,
But I couldn't be them without the drills.
I always thought this talent was inborn,
But indeed it was only a thorn.

So one fine morning I wake up and say,
It's time to throw the thorns away.
I pick up my brush and paint it all,
The canvas, my clothes and the wall.

It took me 10 days to complete
I was tired but puffed up with conceit,
I threw my brush on the floor
Never to paint is what I swore.

Never say never is what they say
I had to come back this way,
But this time it was with a twist
I painted until I hurt my wrist.

The enthusiasm went away again
Until a post hit my brain,
It said if you don't want to regret
Do everything for the sake of God the great.

So that's when my life changed
My priorities were rearranged,
I decided to find God in everything
From a bird's wing to a kite's string.

This applied to my art too,
Calligraphy is what I decided to persue.
I hope this time I won't flee,
But it's life and nothing has a guarantee.

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