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My love - An Indian man

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.


How to explain your love?

My Love

My love is sunshine

which is bound of joys.

My love is moonlight

which is bound of smile.

Spiritual love is yours

And simplicity is like the moon.

Cold in your breath

Let it burn like heat in your arms.

Sprinkle a little jam with your lips today

Can I say that

I am your soul.

Spiritual love is yours

Let me burn you see my body.

A little bit of wetness in a drop of rain

Let it melt like steam today.

My love is always alive

who tells us keep hopes alive

Who gives energy forevever

Love is generally a feeling that

I feel towards you.

Love is a chemical because it is not a yantra,

but a solution, of the seen and the vision.

The scenes of beauty

merge only in the sight of the seen

and this is the state of love.


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