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My Life of Ambition and Motivation

Everyday I wake up is another day of ambition and motivation I won't be stopped

My life of ambition and motivation


I asked myself when do ants sleep

Don't they always creep aren't they always crawling

Working and building a large colony making things happen

Aren't they always on a mission to achieve a goal in their life

Don't they move with so much faith and purpose and Hope

Isn't it so that they have a life of ambition and motivation

Aren't they so organized and structured don't they prove that with numbers they can have the biggest grizzly bear run away

Isn't it evident that their knowledge and wisdom and understanding can be looked at as greatness

I asked myself why was I blessed with such great teachers

Now I will build a colony with my people now when I go to face a enemy it will be done in numbers

Now I will live a life of Hope and purpose and faith

And I will always be on the move to achieve my next mission and goals and dreams and desires

As I look at the world through my eyes with the world in my hand I say to myself my life will be full of nothing but ambition and motivation

I can't be stopped!


© 2021 Ajamblr ajamblr

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