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My Life My Happiness My Desire Is My Mother

I am a psychologist from Pakistan. l am a thinker, observer, avid reader, writer, and past-time story-maker.


My life my happiness my desire is my mother

My love my love my madness is my mother

In my sorrows whose eyes are wet

My life is the product of my mother

She is my companion joys and sorrows

She is a lovely person, my mother

My successes seek my destinations

My mother prays every moment for me

These achievements, honor, this name is from you

Whatever God has given me is from you

Roses bloom in my blood from your presence

The whole system of my existence is with you

This all my victories from you

I am the cause of my enmity

People respect me because of you

When I first put pillows

Under my head and slept

When first time I searched her body and I cried

Two hands held on

In the comfort of a warm embrace

What a deep sleep I had then

When was the first time away?

Walk on my own feet

Separated from bed then separated from home

It was a long journey

Hold your finger

When did it go away?

With soft body heat

Now I think and cry

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