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My Life Is Like Magic


What is destination to be

When what I desired to be,

Is like looking in the sky,

You see an army of stars,

Twinkling in the night telling you some things that you want to hear and see with your spirit,

Then you notice that your desire and destiny is where you belong and you hope and pray for it to happen to you,

My life is like magic in the night and light to the dark,

I'm no longer a little girl, I used to be, but a soul searching for the best with God's help.

My life is important to me and will always be.

Then I think to myself what when wrong with my life has the cosmic shifted that my desire to become a counsellor is gone.

And my days of enjoyment is over.

I have grown up into a fine young lady with everything that is hard and difficult to do.

I sleep at night pondering over the words given to me from the psalms of God from the Bible. I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee thus says the Lord Hebrew 13:5

My life is like a magnifying glass where there are struggles, hardships, joy, happiness and gladness.

Things can change if you look at them with graces from God.

You feel sorrow in your heart when things are out of place and can't be arrange properly in your life. You always wonder has The Lord really heard me from far.

But then you notice the wind blowing to your directions, and you sense it saying The Lord is always with me and will forever be with me till the end of time.

When you lose your love ones, you cried to The Lord why have you to take my love ones away, why not me, but there is always a reason to feel sad but not always? This will go smoothly. Till you realize that God is keeping you alive to see the promises made by Him.

Don't lose hope in The Lord for He is good all the time.

Oh, comes the morning full of beauty and wonder what has Thou made of it. to give beautiful fragrance to it naturally, so calm and sweet, with the birds of the air having their home on the trees bearing fruits of life.

The spirit of God that walks on the face of the earth giving us a reason to stop being so cruel to the planet which He has made out of His Love. We are mean animals only thinking of ourselves and not of others around us. What will God think of us during the judgement day?

My heart feels the pain when so many people died on my right and left side.

My eyes shed with tears to see my uncle pass away from my hands and be lifted up to a new world of life-giving water and salvation into the kingdom of peace and rest.

To this world of chaos and war, If there be peace in the midst of our lives.

The world now is full of loneliness, heart-brokeness, anger for one another, jealousy, the burden of life and above all sickness as woken up everyone from their sleep.

Life is too short for reasoning. Be happy with what you have at the moment. Be grateful today, tomorrow and forevermore to come.

Let us sing Hymns to The Lord for we rest on his shoulder and should always remain on His Lap and speak to Him about the problems, we have today and forevermore.

My life is a box with all thoughts, temptations and trails, Let's us enjoy each day of life with fruits of the divinity of God and nothing else.

Your soul is pure and resembles of every kind of malice and greed, wash it away by the blood of the lamb. And never do bad to others.

Love them as your friends and give them what they want, although they won't give you back, But be happy within yourself and thanks to the Lord every day day and night.

The angels are always watching over us from above and protecting us from any harm befall us. The word is like a sword that strikes your heart and heals you from within to make you turn to God for his mercy, forgiveness, understanding, wisdom and love above all things.

My life is my soul of God who runs through my veins and makes me laid down on the pastures with Hs crook and His staff. He comforts me in all that, I do in my life. This is the word spoken from the Mouth Of God is like a bread for your soul.

© 2021 Cindy Lyn

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