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My Last Night in Egypt


My last night in Egypt
I know numbers don't lie but I'm in my twenties
I remember being fifteen and I was my own sentry
I was made to dwell in pains for a longer time and I got vexed.

The search for my glory got stormy
My diary was a book of thorns and fury
I lost the essence of my existence so unsavoury
And I made a bed with melancholy.

All efforts to be bright and jolly wasn't adding up
I needed a companion, I needed a saviour
I needed something that would help me deal
So I made a plead with a selfless dealer.

Now comes my verse of sixteen with less bars
My dealer having felt the scourge in my tears
He sent an angel with a blitzkrieg
And behold it's a new day in Kadesh.

Here am I with a grateful heart
You that called me out of the waters, the great unknown, where feet would av failed me
You that averted the strike of all my deficiencies and graced me sufficiently.

I'm a subject of your love
A thousand times I failed you, your mercy remains
You are indescribable
I call you Chukwuebuka my El - kabodhi.

© 2019 Christopher Ndulue