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My Last Letter - Response to the Word Challenge by Brenda Arledge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


This set of three poems is inspired by the word challenge that Brenda Arledge, our fellow hubber, puts to us every week by giving a word for creative writing.

There was a time when letters were the only way of communication between the people especially located far apart. With time the technology changed and the modernisation brought almost an end to the letters and the same were replaced by emails and online chatting and many other modes of communication in the modern world. Still, the letters have got their own charm and though we write them not very frequently but they are still considered as the best medium to present one's sentiments and emotions which reflect from their deeper parts. Sometimes the letter can be much more powerful and can convey more than a lengthy book. It is still a very powerful medium for the people who due to various reasons feel shy or awkward or cannot communicate in vocal but can comfortably write a letter to the other person intimating him about the inner thoughts and sentiments about their relationship.

The first poem in this set of three poems is an attempt to depict the relationship between two persons which unfortunately had deteriorated and led to a sad end and hence has a tone of despair but the other two poems are full of happiness and the pleasure that a letter brings to us in most of the situations in our lives.

My last letter

My first letter was a love letter,

Full of emotions and sentiments.

It evoked ecstasy and sentiments,

For those coming engagements.

It was supported with similar response,

From the beloved at that side.

Promises were made and vows were taken,

For that beautiful on the anvil ride.

The sequence of letters continued,

With love increasing day by day.

The future seemed laced with beauty,

Like sun rays bathing in the bay.

Then the sad and strange thing happened,

A line of complaint peeping in her letter.

I was also perplexed and worried,

As I also found same thing in my platter.

Excuses and lies, blames and claims,

All of a sudden starting with a pace.

The language in the letters turning,

To an unprecedented blind race.

As the conflicts raised to high order,

The spark of separation seemed inevitable.

The decision was taken in a mutual way,

As nothing else seemed to work possible.

That is when I wrote my last letter,

To say adieu to my partner.

With a heavy sad wet heart,

Leaving her for good and moving farther.

Letter - An Acrostic poem

Letter connects us with each other,
Enjoying ways of this life.
Taking cognizance of each other,
To inform what is in one's side.
Energizing the souls with a paper,
Realising that nothing there to hide.

Letter - A Haiku

The bright letters coming from,
the mountain end sun rise,
A beautiful thing.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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