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My Journey From Mother's Womb

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The lesson I give

My journey began very long ago

When I was there in mother's womb;

When I grew I was sent to school,

Met some friends who looked so cool.

I played, I ran, I sang song

And slowly gently I became so young

The most charming was my teen,

Amazed by the beauty that I had seen.

I was very enchanted during youth

When I called her from the booth,

Degree had broken all the barriers,

I stood and looked up for my careers.

Soon I was engaged and get married,

Got the family which made me worried.

I worked tirelessly to fulfill my desires,

But day by day I lost my powers.

The youth of which I was proud of

And the passion which became a crowd.

By the end I got some glory,

I smiled when they wrote my story.

Everything changed as I am old

I see no meaning of this gold.

The time has taken my youth and age;

The death has come upon to show its rage.

Why is life always the same?

Just to earn money and fame

Becoming choppy was not the goal

I had chance to save my soul

I regret for the life that I have lost

As nobody knows how much it cost

After I died

I learnt to live

Take from me

The lesson I give.

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