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My greetings in memory of my dear mother

My love and respect for my mother. My greetings in memory of my dear mother



Today I have brought something in memory of my mother. Mother is a great person. My mother is my life. I had a childhood when we used to fight over small things.
So there were hundreds of streams of life
Crying over small things and persuading the mother
I remember today
Today I remember love and kindness
Don't go away from us.
There is no life without happiness
She hurts herself and keeps her baby happy
If not now, no one asks
To whom should I give my solution?
Who can I do this too?
Don't leave me, mother
Nothing in you
O mother, never come in a dream
Don't be angry with us like this
O mother, let your son remember you one moment at a time.
My mother is my holy being who is after God
Our mother suffers for us and we can't give our mother the happiness she deserves. Please take care of your mother and don't tell her anything that hurts her.

Every bad day, bad night tries to save you from bad moments
Disasters call troubles away from every trouble
The shadow of His mercy rests on us

A mother takes care of her baby in every situation