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My Friend's Poem


First written my friends Poem

'' .....''.....''..... '' Suddenly ".....".
(Mehedi Hasan)

Emotions drove me crazy
In the eyes of the madman,
Emotion told me brother
The sister is for you,
Let's talk, let's meet
A fair of emotions in one day,
The second day was seen
It's a matter of the mind,
Emotions drove me crazy
Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh!
Maybe I found it at the door of my mind
Your breath
I didn't even get it
When you're lost,
I found love in you
Didn't see,
Those days are gone
Now it's time for despair,
My heart is on the edge
Just waiting for you
I will stay day and night
Waiting for you
It was getting late
Didn't see you,
Suddenly he looked for me
When I'm tired,
I found it, I found it
What fun,
I told my mind
Raebela again,
I do not want to lose you
In this case,
I told my mind
Be well

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