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My Mind Said to Me...

Jayshree is studying BSc in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Shajalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

My mind said to me...

When I am alone

Nobody is here,

But my mind says, "no"

Someone is your observer

Who is with You forever.

I again think, "No, I'm alone"

But mind again says, "He is your own."

I ask, "Oh! my mind, is there anybody more than parents?"

Mind replies, "You are His only essence."

Further I ask, "How long He will with me?"

Mind replies, "Until you remain without offence."

"Oh, my dear mind, I want to see Him."

"Just close Your eyes and chant His name."

"What's His name? I don't know."

"Remember, in your childhood, your mom taught you."

"Yes, I can remember, this is so joyful that I wish I could fly away!"

"Now chant this name and happily go away.."

Me & My Mind


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