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My Fancies

The poet believes love is divine and irresistible but always difficult to find. Reach out to the poet if you think otherwise.


My fancies

How I wish you would look
Into my eyes,to see my fancies in order.
The way I look as your lips curled
To smile and speak
Or the way your eyes blink like
Dancing quietly, without fuss.

How I wish you would hear, like
The way I hear you breathe
And compose melody to my ears
With a rhythm of soft hisses.

How I wish you would feel
The way I drench in your soft nudges,
From casual pushes and firm holds
To silly slaps and funny fights
Awlays kind, never harsh.

And how I yearn to let you see
Past this mist, the veil of amity that
The way I feel or fancy
Is not friendship but my love that
Bloomed only for you.

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