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Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Awakenings

Dana Tate is a licensed Evangelist under the leadership of "God's Temple of Deliverance Inc, located in California.


Near death experience.


My eyes are open. A poem about deliverance.

Once turbulent waters are now full of thanksgiving.

No longer in bondage for today I have risen.

I've risen above the things that plagued me.

For once I was blind, but now I can see.

I've risen above the pain and shame!

I've risen above the storms and rain!

I've risen above the things that plagued me.

For once I was blind but now I can see.

My eyes are open, they are indeed.

My eyes are open and now I can see.

And I see the beauty of all God's creations.

And I see the beauty in the things I once hated.

Like the sun, the rain, the rustling leaves.

Blowing in the wind on a cool summer breeze.

The moon, the stars, up high in the sky.

The beauty of life is a delight to my eyes.

The beautiful animals!

The green-foamy sea!

Oh, glory to God!

I'm unbounded!

I'm free!

I've risen above the things that hindered me.

For once I was blind.

But now...I can see.

My Near death experience. (NDE) Changed my Life

After a near death experience, I learned to appreciate life like I never had before.

In 2005, I went into the hospital to have a simple operation for tumor removal and while I was under anesthesia I went into cardiac arrest.

I remember opening my eyes on the operating table and then sitting up. Next thing I remember, was coming out of my body and floating over the doctor's while they were trying to save me.

Finally, I floated toward the ceiling, took one final look at the activity below me, and then went through the ceiling.

I don't remember traveling through a tunnel or going through a light. I don't know how long, or how far I traveled, but my eyes suddenly opened and I was staring at four people wearing white gowns, a family. A woman, man and another male and female. All four looked terribly young and perfect, not like I remembered them, diseased, sickly, dying.

How My Near Death Experience Changed Me.

After I came home from the hospital, I noticed a change in me. The grass seemed a little greener and the sun shone a bit brighter, I also became obsessed with nature and the order of creation.

I felt like I had been born again seeing the beauty of life through a fresh pair of eyes. My attitude changed. No longer was I a person just existing on earth but a person on a mission to find out my purpose in this world.

With Thousands of Reports of NDE, Why are People Still Skeptical?

Many skeptics have tried to rule out the possibility of (out of body) or (near death experience). It's their opinion that the person was simply hallucinating or dreaming while under anesthesia but the similar reports of observing their own operations- out-side the body- or going into a light, are reported by too many to be ruled out.

Patients have stated they were filled with a sense of peace that surpassed their understanding. Some have said they felt no connection with the body they came out of, but were aware that they were watching their own operation from outside of their body.

Patients have reported that after this life changing experience, they were never the same. They became more spiritual, became obsessed with a need for understanding, and felt rejuvenated as if they had been reborn.

Prayer and deliverance.


The meaning behind the poem.

As I began to go through personal challenges in my life, I began to pray for deliverance. Soon I was led to a class at my church, where a wonderful evangelist, was gifted in intercessory prayer.

After attending her class for a month I had a sudden urge to write; the feeling was so powerful I began to write even though I knew I would be late for my prayer class, the result was this poem.

As I put pen to paper that day these beautiful words began to filter my heart "Once turbulent waters are now full of thanksgiving, no longer in bondage for today I have risen" This poem was the Holy Spirit's way of letting me know my prayers had been answered for I had been freed from bondage the moment I became saved through the precious blood of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

As I grew stronger in my faith, I began to understand that God free's us from bondage and forgive our sins once we become saved. However, bondage can take a shape of many forms, in our minds and in our hearts if we don't understand the importance of repentance and forgiveness within ourselves.

After writing this poem I went to my prayer meeting and shared this poem with the class, I wanted to encourage them to pray without ceasing, for the Lord's ears are always open to the faithful my poem was living proof.


Have you Ever Had A Near Death Experience?

© 2013 Dana Tate

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