My Experience as a Last Bencher

Updated on March 11, 2018

My experience as a backbench-er,

was not too bad.

When I went home from school,

I told it to my Mom and Dad.

The Christmas holidays,

were just over.

This school is better than previous,

is what I told my father.

The school reopened and

everybody chose their places.

I was the last one,

to win that race.

I got the last bench,

but still I was happy.

Because I had never sat last,

with my friend Poppy.

There was a girl,

who was tall and nice.

Everyday in the breakfast,

she brought bread with cheese slice.

In my favorite periods,

that is English and Marathi,

She sat before me,

And so, I couldn't see!

She had two big ponytails,

reaching till the waist band,

which I craved to pull,

with the help of my hand.

I couldn't stop myself,

But I had to.

But the ponytails said to me,

"Please so do..."

I accepted their request,

and I pulled one of them.

Immediately on the spot,

she cried, "Ma'am!"

I was rebuked,

by my teacher.

She ordered me to,

apologize to her.

On the board, my name was written,

for not being in discipline.

I wondered if I could rub it off,

but alas! I was not a Jin.

In the most boring lecture,

I was amazed to see,

that the other ponytail too

was requesting me!

I pulled the other one,

though I was afraid.

The teacher reprimanded me more,

by giving three crosses in red.

In frustration, I pushed

the girl off.

The educator circled my name,

and I was sent off.

At 12 noon, for three days

I was suspended from school.

I went home in kindergarten bus,

but still I was cool!

The next day, the principal was the one,

whom my parents met,

But I proudly tell all that, this day,

will be the day, I will never forget!


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