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My Boyfriend Left Me for Someone Else - a Poem About Feeling Lost in a Relationship

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea

He left me
Without purpose and meaning

He was my armor
He is now gone
I feel so vulnerable

Don’t judge me, if I loved too much
I gave him my all
But still, it was not enough

Let me cry
At least, give me space to grieve
A dying flame
Needs some air to breathe

Please do not mock me
For being weak
For being too fragile
For being too soft
Conquered by emotions

What am I supposed to do?
Laugh and be merry, that he left
Laugh and be merry, even if he is now with somebody else

While I am here drench in tears
He must be torridly kissing his new girlfriend
Undressing her even as we speak

That’s supposed to be my man
He is gone now
Let me cry!!!

If that bitch is in front of me
I swear
I’ll push my fingers in her eyes

I wish

I was that strong
I wish

I am that vocal

To scream and bite their necks
And just drain the life out of them

I wish I am a monster
I wish I am somebody else
I wish I am tougher
But I am not

I am a princess
Who just lost her charming
I am a short poem
With a broken ending

This day again will end
I feel empty
Move on, I must
But honestly speaking, I can still cannot

Just give me time
Let me cry
Like any other woman
Left with a broken heart

© 2020 Erl Sua

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