My Best Friends Rhyme

Updated on November 13, 2017

My Best friends Wedding

Move On

MICHEAL O'Neal is getting married.
At 28 years old he's getting married.
He calls his friend JULLIANNE POTTER.
Asking her if she remembered.
Remembered the agreement they made.
That if they are not married by 28.
They will marry each other but it's too late.
He will be married in four days.
KIM WALLACE may make him part ways.
Part ways of being her friend.
Mainly she knows he's no friend.
Just a rich girl that he doesn't know.
So she leaves for Chicago.
Intending to sabotage the wedding.
She's asked to participate in the wedding.
Potter gladly says yes.
She is closer to the success.
The success of the wedding.
Also closer to sabotaging,
Potter engages in petty sabotage.
She later asks her friend.
If he could pretend.
Pretend that they were engaged.
Hoping that Micheal would be in a rage.
But those tactics fail.
Potters may have to tell.
Tell Micheal that she loves him.
Potter gets chances to tell him.
She's let chances pass.
Not knowing that Micheal has had.
Has had thoughts of Kim not being the one.
Saying that Kim may not be as fun.
He asks potter to confess she loves him.
Another opportunity passes to tell him.
Micheal grabs her and they dance.
Thinking it may be the last time they dance.
Potter uses Kim's fathers' computer.
To forge an email to Micheal's employer.
Causing problems for Micheal and Kimmy.
They are on the verge of calling off the wedding.
The next morning, the day of the wedding.
Potter tries on sabotaging.
Sabotaging the situation further.
The two aren't speaking to each other.
They are talking through Potter.
While she tries to end them forever.
But it's another failed attempt.
Potter finally admits.
That she's in love with Micheal.
She is hoping that Micheal.
Will Marry her instead.
She wants to be the one in his bed.
She ends up kissing him.
Not caring if Kim.
Sees them but she did.
Kim then went off running.
Micheal chases her.
On his trail is Potter.
She finds him and confesses all.
He also forgives her for it all.
They then go an look for Kim.
Potter tracks down Kim.
An angry Kim gets an angry mob.
Potter explains that Micheal meant no harm.
They reconcile. The mob applauds.
The wedding then goes on.

Julie Roberts
Julliane Potter
Dermont Mulroney
Micheal O' Neal
Cameron Diaz
Kim Wallace

P.J Morgan


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius



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