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My Wife Is Happy Again

I Make Sure She Smiles All The Time

This is my husbands guarantee

I plan on doing all I can

To make life as exciting and fun

That we will run or maybe just walk fast

With our heads up high

Looking up

To all the wonderful days we can enjoy

Rising above those days that bring us down

Learning to hold each other close

Talking things out

Working on new ways to make life not only different

But amazingly special

We don't have unlimited amounts of money

What we do have we can spend when necessary

Save some for a rainy day like today

We both spend a lot of time

Talking about our families and what it was like growing up

Memories both good and bad

As we still explore like the farmers

Who were the pioneers of North America

They went forward to discover a new life

We do it each and every day

We will never have the hardships they had to endure

We do have challenges and the unknown

Things won't always be easy

Together we can find a way

If it is going to work

Cleaning our home

From top to bottom

My wife's plans not mine

Fixing something that is broken

Even if we break a few more things trying

Paying a doctors bill when my wife was in the hospital

For the infection on her foot

That is now healed

She wasn't the only one

I went to that walk-in clinic with that nasty cough and another time with pink eye

Both of us are usually real healthy

As Gomer Pyle, the actor would say

Surprise, surprise

I can't leave without talking about at least one of our old shows

That made our childhood special

Golly gee

Is this what life has come down to

The good, bad and the ugly

Well I will work with the good for now

The bad and the ugly we will save for another day

Waking up is hard to do

If you are not next to me

So come back to bed

I know you got up early

Because you couldn't sleep

Your mind racing about a thought or something

We shall see if we can make it better

If not at least we got some extra sleep

Boy how we love to curl up together

Rest your head on my chest

And leave the world behind

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