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My Wife Goes Up And Beyond

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I Can't Do What She Does

As much as I try

She is in a league of her own

I can work hard

In the past I have worked doubles

I have gone with little sleep

There were times I reached my limits and pushed farther

My marriage continues to be one of my greatest joys

If not the most wonderful of all

When i can't do another thing

My wife picks up the ball

She runs with it in confidence

Not knowing what will happen next

I am the one that is more positive

So for her to see what I didn't see

Is not just amazing but incredible

My eyes tired and my brain is mush

I don't stop easily

This is where my wife surprised me yet again

She sees when I have my back against the wall

She pulls through

She does what a woman can only do

There are days that she can push everyone of my buttons

Crush me with just one look

Then it is at this point

I realized she also lights my fire

Knows how to make me reach deep in myself

To make me not just better

But the kindest and nicest

That I have ever been

After twenty years married she still surprises me

I would have thought I know all about her by now

I have seen her at her worst

I have also seen her at her best

Then in a split second she will turn

Unpredictable and unstoppable

If I could take odds

I will back her every time

I have learned to disregard everything that I have learned

All that makes sense

No matter how many times I have done something

I am far from a quitter

She has some unique super power

Beyond anything I have seen

Men may do the most incredible things in their life

With a woman by their side

They have not only scratched the surface

But moved up to a whole new level

One that i wouldn't believe possible

If I didn't see it time and time again

In the past I began not to trust my own eyes

I pride myself with good instincts

That street smarts that has always given me an edge

Over time I have seen many differences that my wife never saw

Then I believed I had a little more insight and direction

Thinking I have the lead

She had never seen it as a competition

Being a guy

How could it be not anything but

Even though we are on the same team

You have to push yourself to be better

If not you will never know what you can accomplish

My wife goes a whole other direction

If she is in the mood

She might or might not try

How could you?

She reminds me

I don't feel like it

To me it is not what you feel like

It is what you have to do

It is a mindset

Constantly, you have to up your game

There is no other way

Until my wife decided to do something

Then game over

I might as well throw the towel in

It sounds funny

It sounds crazy

It goes against everything I know

My wife has pocket aces

Who does that?

So if you are like me and doubt the power of a woman

I would be very careful

Because you are on very thin ice

Despite what you see, hear and think

Watch out

You can look over your back

Get a ten minute head start

Be physically stronger

I am telling you it is woman power

They can make Goliath crawl

If you are blessed like me

Support and love your wonderful wife

Every chance you get

If she is a girlfriend

You lift her up as high as you can

Then try again and again

For the rest of your life

© 2022 DREAM ON

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