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My Wife Displeased Because of My Actions


I Totally Agree

I won't even try to justify my actions

I know better

I told my wife

I will write you my reasoning

Instead of you and I hashing it out

When you went to picked me up last night

Judgement day

My shift was over

I knew as soon as I rounded the corner with the tote

I seen your head drop down

I could hear your words

Really !

I had a cute little smile on my face

Like hi I am so glad to see you too

I love you

But really she said in a very negative tone

I told my manager (jokingly)

Are you going to be around later

I might need a ride home

My wife is not happy with me

My manager agreed

She is giving you the stink eye

My manager didn't even know I liked books

So how could he understand my love for books

As I carried my books out to the car

I could hear my wife say

It is Christmas

We have bills to pay

We have gifts to buy

I am looking to save money

Here you go and spend it

I look into her eyes

Ready to tell her how important these books mean not only to me

But to us

Then I decided now is not the time

I better hold my tongue

So on the hour and a half ride home

We talked about our days at work

When she would hint ...

So I dropped you off and then...

Wanting me to spill the beans

I came right out and said

I will explain it in a letter later

It is a very sensitive subject at the moment

I don't think any answer is a good answer

When I was buying the books

I was smart enough to weigh the options

I pictured what my wife would say

Then some how I pushed it far from my mind

Because this is what I needed to do

At this very moment


I have come across words that I am thinking

That what I did was uncouth

These words I have never used before in my life

I am not sure they are in the right text

They are the best description I am feeling at this moment

Right wrong or other wise

The sun was shining bright today

I never got outside to enjoy it

The sun is setting now

The weather is about forty degrees outside

I woke up the latest I remember

At two thirty in the afternoon

I stayed up till a little after five in the morning looking at all the different books I bought

So it was really only a little over eight hours sleep

I get about five to seven on any given night

I poured myself a bowl of life cereal

The cereal that Mikey likes

I just noticed Mikey isn't even on the box no more

So Mikey can't even help me

I had a quick thought

Us Mikes have to stick together

Even he wanted no part of this

As I analyze my actions

Carefully considering what I did

Did I act in haste

Nobody was pushing me

Nobody was forcing me

I had more time to read the covers over and over

I had my phone ready and I did take some pictures

Why did my plan fail this time

My wife tells me all the time

Shop with your eyes not your wallet

It isn't the same

It works 99.9 percent of the time

My mood slowly changes after a few hours at work

I soon forget what I wanted and desired

This was the most books I have bought at one time for years

I remember turning to another coworker in the past

When I bought only five books

He said to me

Your wife is going to kill you

If you want to spend money

Give me the money

He doesn't understand why someone would buy one book

When you can go to a library

All the free books you can borrow

I tried to explain

It's not the same

These titles are out of print and somebody else loved these books

They could of been in their home for years

It meant something to them and I feel them with me when I read the books

They owned them before me

It could of been their favorite book

They could of paid full price

I saved a lot by waiting

These books give me ideas

These ideas make me happy

It's not about making money

It is deeper than that

It is about being happy

Understanding life and the world around us

How business and work come together

Fine tuning all the things we find a passion for

Finding people that enjoy the same things we like

If not our friends, family or coworkers

Then we have to search

Expand our horizons across the globe

What better way than through a book

Sharing the same interests and the same desire

These people went one step farther

They took what was in their head

Then took endless hours to make sense of it all

Putting their hard earned money at stake

To tell the world what they believe

In hopes that it will help someone

Better live and understand their own life

Part 2 scene 2


DREAM ON (author) on December 07, 2017:

John Hansen I love the offer. All I have to convince my wife to move from Maine to Australia. Well I can still dream. I have a big problem in trying to decide how to down size. I didn't buy the books to give them away. I read as often as I can. There is a site called good reads that sounds interesting to me. I have to read more about it. I think what you do is put your books in different places like coffee shops and places of work for people to take for free and the book is coded so it can be tracked all over the world. People log in and read the book and pass it along to someone else. You get to follow where your book is now. It cost so much per book. I haven't had the money to do that yet. At least someone will hopefully enjoy the book and pass along the opportunity for other people as well. They say books are a thing of the past. People love the electronic age. Some local bookstores are closing up. I think there is another way to rejuvenate the spirit of books. I just haven't found how yet. If you get any ideas let me know. We have some local libraries that only want the most recent books and some all time favorites. They also are downsizing. Thank you for reading and sharing. Always a great day when you can talk about those writings on pieces paper that are bound tight and numbered we use to call books.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on December 07, 2017:

Mike, I can so relate to your love of books. Everytime I go to a thrift store or second hand book store I cannot help buying a collection of books..well until recently anyway.

We recently moved to a smaller house and I have way too many books for the bookshelves to hold. I probably have at least 500 books stored in boxes that I either hope to read one day before I die or find homes for. If you lived in Australia you would be welcome to go through them.

An interesting read and I feel for you.

DREAM ON (author) on December 07, 2017:

Verlie Burroughs Like Lucy in I Love Lucy I created the mess and now I have to get myself out. Well I showed her a couple of books and some are for Christmas presents. I even had one I think she would like. My wife won't buy into my love and kindness so easy. She wished I had asked her first. I said if I did I know the answer would of been no. Then I would of went against your wishes. Now I just got y0u frustrated for silly buying. I am thankful my wife understands what I am trying to say and do. She loves me for who I am. Sometimes that passion can not be controlled. It flows out to everything I see and do. Now as I look back at my story and how it developed directly from my actions. It all works out in the end. We can never predict the right outcome to the future but it is always exciting to try. One of my best books so far is on business it is Soros On Soros Staying Ahead of the Curve. I find it very interesting. Has anyone else read it? A 24.95 book for one dollar. Even at Barnes And Noble if it was half off you still paid so much more. Thank you for taking the time to follow me on my escapades. I hope your day is going swell.

DREAM ON (author) on December 07, 2017:

Tamara Yancosky Moore I really got some nice treasures. Could I have waited certainly. Would the books be there next time I come probably not. Bad timing on my part near Christmas and all. I can't wait to read off my list. Now it's been a few days and I have thumbed through a couple of them. Interesting... yes. Filled with excitement and joy I had hoped and begged for...yes. I spent close to forty dollars. That is a lot on a whim and fun. I love to see what you have bought so we can share our thoughts and ideas ? For the next couple of times I will be looking but not spending. I had my fill. Now I can explore the treasure that has been uncovered. Like a pirates treasure chest filled with loot of jewels, gold, silver and so much more. Who would of guessed that a modern day treasure comes in a black plastic tote. (lol) Thank you so much for sharing and caring. Make today as wonderful as you.

Verlie Burroughs from Canada on December 07, 2017:

Hello Dream On, Now I see what the fuss is all about. Wondering, just how many books did you buy?

"Shop with your eyes not your wallet". No disrespect to your wife, it is good advice, but I laughed out loud when I read this line. Sounds like you have some explaining to do.

Tamara Yancosky from Uninhabited Regions on December 07, 2017:

Very articulate, Michael. I have difficulty not buying books, myself, whether on Kindle or hard-copy. I love getting into a novel, and not being able to put it down! Sometimes, after the novel has been read, I miss the characters of the story.

Nicely penned. A passion for books is a lovely thing.

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