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My Well-Wisher : A Poem

Vanita Thakkar is an accomplished singer-composer-poetess-author; a performer since childhood; teaches music; is life-long student of music.


My Well-Wisher

No words there can be

To thank you –

Your “goodness”

Weighs heavily upon me !

Your intentions,

Your help,

By any means,

Seeking fulfillment,

Your pride over

The safety in

Your cage of protection ….

Who will protect me

From you,

My well-wisher ?

- Vanita Thakkar (20.02.2009)


Reflections ....

Being good and remaining good can be great challenges in life. One has to strike the right balance of passions, priorities and responsibilities.

Here, a very hit Hindi movie of the golden era of Indian Cinema - Guide (1965-66) - comes to my mind. It was based on a novel titled - The Guide - by the renowned awarded Indian writer Padma Vibhushan R. K. Narayan (Malgudi Days fame).

Brief story line of the Hindi movie - Guide -....

  • The central character of the story, a freelance tourist guide named Raju meets a dancer named Rosie Marco, who is the wife of an archeologist named Marco, while helping Marco study some caves at a historical site.
  • The Marcos are having a disturbed marriage. Rosie is the daughter of a courtesan and deeply passionate about dancing. Marco is against her passion for dancing and this causes continuous clashes between the couple.
  • Rosie finds Marco enjoying the company of a native tribal girl and furiously attempts suicide. Marco terms her escape as a drama to torture him and this worsens the matter.
  • Raju is drawn to Rosie's talent and innocence. He helps her during her suicide attempt and brings her out of the torturous marriage.
  • Raju's family and friends are against his relationship with Rosie and they leave him.
  • Raju helps Rosie rise to great heights as a dancer. However, he takes to gambling and drinking which affects his relationship with Rosie, whose self-image on being successful sores high enough to turn into further communication gaps and misunderstandings between her and Raju.
  • Rosie's success draws Marco to her and in trying to win her back, his agent seeks jewelry from Rosie's safe deposit vault.
  • Raju, not wanting Rosie to get in touch with Marco, forges her signature and gets caught. He is sent to jail for two years.
  • Rosie is frustrated and feels cheated by Raju, but she realizes her mistake. She tries to meet Raju after two years of his imprisonment are over, but comes to know that Raju was released six months back due to good conduct.
  • Raju's mother also wants her son back and finds him missing from the prison.
  • Raju had landed up in a village, where he poses to be a Sadhu (a holy man) - Swami - and lives in a temple.
  • There is draught in the region and on requests from the villagers to help them, Swami (Raju) goes on to fast till it rains. After 12 days of fasting, rains arrive, but Raju is no more there to rejoice with the villagers and his mother and Rosie, who had reached there, searching him ....

The tragic end of the story leaves a lot to ponder on.

This movie was a great, great musical hit. All songs were excellent in every way - lyrics, composition, orchestration, singing, picturization, choreography and costumes, dancing .... That is how I could relate to it, as watching movies was not much to my liking. I had however, watched this movie on the television as a school going girl.

Reviews about the movie - Guide

I have often found people talking about it, illustrating the deception of a lady. Raju's love and goodwill for Rosie are unquestionable, but their relationship suffered because of lack of trust or perhaps both of them could not rise together in love. Rosie rose in love and became a successful artist, whereas Raju could not escape the downfall which the challenges his love for Rosie provoked ....

But, in illustrating the whole story as one which demonstrates the deception of a lady, I think there are traces of injustice towards the lady, Rosie. The chain reaction of deception was started by a man and his weaknesses in handling relationships .... Rosie's "deception" was out of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Still, she seeks forgiveness for her part in the sufferings Raju undergoes.

Such reviews about the movie bring forth tendencies of burdening womanhood with blames that unduly shield weaknesses of insensitive, cruel manhood.

We cannot generalize that men are always wrong or right or that women are always right or wrong. But, men are socially stronger. Hence, their share of responsibilities is at least equal, if not higher, which should ideally be the case.

We live in a fast world where transience in relationships is becoming increasingly common. There are various factors which contribute to such conditions, from preconceived notions and motives, fears or even just inadvertent lack of communication. Being faithful and honest and clear enough to let trust and resilience develop and flourish is very important and necessary to ensure endured, lasting relationships.


© 2022 Vanita Thakkar

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