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My Unborn Love

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You're just a tiny unknown spot

The first heartbeat I had known

The color of your eyes might from him;

Even your tiny smile and hair;

But I know you're from mine,

You are my perfect imprint.

Each second I breathe is yours

Each minute, you're my thoughts

Someday I'll held you in my arms;

I'll embrace you like a fragile feather;

I'll sing you a lullaby till dawn;

I'll give all you need and protect you from harm.

I pray to God till the last second I closed my eyes;

I prayed that you will stay and will be mine;

But it seems like God had taken liking unto you;

You became more precious to Him;

I don't understand much the reason,

I still pray till the last moment;

I thought He will give me the chance;

But He had loved you more than I did.

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