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Expresso Reveries

Maya Ellenson is keen on creating unconventional poetry and prose, inspired by what the moment reveals.

At the Coffee Shop

Common Grounds Brew & Roastery, Lake Worth, Florida

Common Grounds Brew & Roastery, Lake Worth, Florida

Sliding into Yesterday

Savoring a bite of a banana tart

at the coffee shop

at least for now

no more half-faced patrons

around the rustic table

with cozy wooden chairs

faces clear

lingering smiles


the foam

on top of my freshly brewed expresso hovers

like a puffy cloud in the sunset


my fleeting excuse to stay

with my face unmasked

just for a bit longer . . .

the human faces around

becoming a portal into

a some kind of entrancing déjà vu

what if it's still yesterday

Frothy Waves

Hobe Sound Beach, Florida

Hobe Sound Beach, Florida

Florida Sky


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