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My Temperament Is In My Nature

Francois Groenewald is an author from South Africa. He writes poetry in his spare time.

My Temperament Is In My Nature>>

How is it that I am on this side of the wall?

How is it that I am stunned by this accusation?

and still I deem it impossible that I could be seduced.

My Nature,.,

In anyway

I didn't see her to begin with

I only heard her

so what if I made noises too

what is it going to mean someday

it is going to mean devotion on another level

because you are nurtured here

to begin anew

and you are tortured here to end

that is all

My Heart[][

My heart swallows you whole

I did not expect such a devotion to God

but I did expect the devotion to sexuality

and mist

and my embraces beg you to differ

but this is the reality

we come from a place so far away

that time itself has hidden it away from your eyesight

and this place that you abode has lifted

you up and tortured you still

and now it's me that is torturing you with tinges of colour

Why then does the mask break so easily

because it is truth

and flying is not possible

but loving forever is

so what will you do with this message

It will have to come from you

as you think it over

and even though you are naughty

your heart beams at such a mistake

for this mistake will cost you an eternity

so leave it be

© 2022 Francois Groenewald

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