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My Teacher My Hero

Ruby writes from the Philippines. She teaches communication subjects in HEI. She enjoys gardening, travelling, and learning new things.


What is a narrative poem?

A Narrative poem uses the voices of both the characters and narrator. Generally the story is written in metered verse but does not need to have rhyme. It can be long or short. He have often read more of classical or ancient narrative poem. But, below is a modern narrative poem.

My Teacher My Hero

Inside a four-corner walled room I sat perplexed

My body so weak and heart so sick

Not knowing what, how, and why.

Each day came another day went,

White scribbles on board so green

Words, figures, anatomy, they all blew my mind away

All I know is, She's gone.

Each morning the sun rose and each eve the sun set

And to me no one bothered not one talked

But the pain oh the pain didn't go away.

Foods so delicious smelled so obnoxious

All I saw before me looked so bleak

All I felt in me, oh a body so weak,

And all I remember each day

Unknown to many in that four-corner walled room,

is, She's gone.

Then at dusk I stayed

In a blank empty four-corner room I gazed and gazed,

How to ease my pain so hard I tried,

Then she came, and softly she spoke


"Just nothin" I muttered.

"Yes, nothing I know"

Came her sweet reply.

"Anything please?"

"Just nothin" I said the second time.

"Antyhing please, you..."

"Just nothin" I uttered it for the third time.

"Anything please, you want to..."

"She's gone, She's gone" I said in sobs.

"Would you want me to..."

"Pray?" gently she asked.

"Yes..." I replied coyly and faintly.

"Dear God," my teacher prayed in tears.

"Help your child so precious here to understand

that, She--She is gone with You, Amen."

© 2022 Ruby Campos

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