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My Summer of 2018

I write, read, crochet, sing, and play musical instruments. A sucker for learning.

September Poem #2

You are my summer of 2018

Flamingly hot


Sweaty, icky

You let me bask in you

but you never offered anything -

shade, wisps of wind, even the occasional drops of rain

that the other summers flirtingly provide

You just mightily exist

Needing me to console and feed your equally

mighty ego

Still I sit unfazed

Enduring all you're giving

and everything else

that you're holding back

Because I need your kind of summer

to take a rest from the other seasons in my life

I need your sunshine so I can also be a sunshine

to those who need me

But I am scorched

My skin's under your glory for too long

I need to take shelter

Rest a bit to heal my exposed, burnt heart

So your days are ending

Your sun is setting

Now I'm ready for the rain

Disappear and never return next year

© 2020 Denise Joy Padilla