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My Story Isn't Over Yet


My story isn’t over YET!!

If I had a way to go back in time

I would talk to My 16 year old self

I would tell her to value herself
I would tell her that everything will be alright

I would tell her this:
Your past will not defy you

nor will it be the end of your chapter

Your past lovers were just lessons to be learned

I would tell my 16 year old self

YOU WILL love yourself from the inside out
YOU WILL find a peace of mind

I would tell my 16 year old self
How proud of her I am
How adorable she is
How unique she can be
How much light she brings to people daily

I would tell her:

DO NOT fall for the dangerous Escapades

DO NOT lose yourself for cheap love

DO NOT give your temple to just ANYBODY!

Find GOD first before finding a man
Find the light within yourself

Bring peace into your heart
Do not fall into the lies of the enemy
They are not as content as you think they are

DO NOT compare yourself to ANYONE

I PROMISE it might take a while
I PROMISE you will find love
I PROMISE you will still open your heart
Never settle for the small things

And Finally:
Never lose your mind and soul for something temporary

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