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My Special Dove #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

The claws on the legs of my dove is pointed

Not hard nor soft but designed for making

Positive impacts in the world for it’s for

The reason thou have been created oh! Special Dove.

Thou do not eat polluted things, it

Also waits for me to feed it for

I am special to my Special Dove,

I have been engrafted into the hearts of my Special Dove ever.

As I am special to her, she is also

Special to me, on my heart, I place

Thee oh, my loving dove everyday my

Desire is thine, Caring Special Dove.

Oh! Thou Special Dove, thou art

My joy, happiness, thine presence brings me

Comfort, when I see you I am at peace because

I know others have forsaken me but thou my Special Dove has not.

While others see me as aberrant in the world

Thing that ought nay to happen, you have not seen

Me like that and thou hast embraced me and placed me

Even on the pinnacle of thine heart oh! Special Dove.

You have demonstrated rareness among thine

Peers and have ignored what others are saying, yea

The side negative attractions and utterances against me

You have disdained and jettisoned oh thou special dove.

While in my low estate, when others behold me as

A thing, thou seest me not as a thing, but as one that is

Wonderfully created for that I am to you, and you have

Never withdraw that, oh cute Special Dove.

I am certain that though others may forsake

Me, but though will not forsake me for thou hast

Demonstrated that over and over again to show me

How I am to you, how I am in thine heart.

Oh! Special Dove! Oh! Special Darling! Oh! Special One!

When I remember thee I cannot but be grateful to

The highest authority for bringing thee along my path

For thou hast been my all in all my Special Dove.

Special one, when I see you, I know

I shall overcome obstacles, conquer

And subdue nations because I know

You are always there for me, Special Dove

Dove | Song on birds

Oh! Special one, when I remember you

On my bed, I know, I cannot be kept in the

Cauldron of darkness again as I had been

Before coming across thee my Special Dove

I always walk with my shoulders high,

Confidently exuding myself among comities

Of peoples globally because I am confident

In thee that thou art always with me in the Spirit Special Dove

Your presence in my life has restored to me my lost

Confidence because thou for umpteenth time have been telling me

That as others have been created so am I, I am nay inferior to them

And if anything they are those who are inferior to me

Thou have looked deeply into mine eyes and have

Seen what others could not see in me, thou have through

My physical eyes penetrated my inner being to know how gentle

Loving and caring I am oh thou Special Dove.

Thou have suspended all cautions and restrictions placed

By my detractors on me to always be by me, thou do not

Consider anything as albatross to always returning to me to give me

The confidence, joy, happiness I need oh special Dove.

In the eyes of the beholder is beauty, in the eyes of the

Beholder is attractions, age is nay barrier to coming together

This thou hast placed in thine heart oh Special creature I called

My special and only Dove.

I do not lack joy when been with thee oh

My special Dove and thou has said being with me

Is all you have ever craved for, desired for, looked forward

To all thine days on earth thou Special Dove.

As spending a day without me has become unthinkable

For thee, same applies to me my cute Special dove,

I cannot imagine what the world would be spending

A seconds without thee Adorable Special Dove.

Oh! Dearie Special One, I will take you

With me everywhere I go, and where I cannot

Take you to, I will always place thine photo

Before me, Gorgeous Special dove.

For the love of my Special Dove is sweet,

Sweeter than honey yea, sweeter than the sweetest thing in the world,

My Gorgeous Dove’s affection is deeper, yea,

Deeper than the deepest thing in the world unto me…


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