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My Special Dove #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


I have been in the wilderness for

Quite a while and have come

Across many birds in the wilderness

But none is like my special dove

Year ago when I come of age

Different birds have I seen, while

In the air or while on land but

I have not seen one like my special dove

Different zoological gardens have I

Been to, there I have seen different

Beautiful birds, well-kept and nurtured

But none amongst them is like my special dove

It is not that my bird has additional

Beaks, but the only one it

Has, has distinctive features

Which makes my bird my Special dove

Its beak is neither too long nor

Too short, it is moderate with

Some special dots which unarguably

Reflects and reveals my special dove

Features on its beak have been

Put there by divine being to show

His beautiful nature, making

My special dove to stand out and tall among all

It uses the beak to gently peck

Robbing its beak on my body stimulating

Me, sending signals all over my body

Oh! My special dove you are wonderful.

Though its beak is hard but on me, while it puts the

Beak on my body, pecking my cheek its beak is

Soft which usually brings comfort to my comfortless

Body, yea, my special dove’s beak

The eyes of my bird are clear and

Pure like a crystal, purer like water fetched

Exceedingly early in the day from the

Stream with no dirt’s on it, my Special dove’s intriguing!

Its eyes see near and far objects

The messages sent to the brain results in adequate

Judgment to avoid danger and or stay if it’s safe.

Oh! What a Darling Special Dove Thou art!

Prince & The Revolution - When Doves Cry

Through its eyes I have seen some

Hidden things because the reflections

Display by its eyes only me can read,

Understand, decipher as shown by my Special Dove

Its eyes contain eye lashes, they have

Been there to beautify my bird, making it

The chief among the beautiful birds around

The land, my one and only Special Dove

The neck of my bird is covered with

Multicolored feathers such could not

Be found on other birds all over the world

This is so because my Special Dove is Special Creation

This multicolored feathers are arranged

In a special order on the neck of my dove

Which makes it look really special,

Oh! You are Really Special and wonderful, my Special Dove

Like a pearl that is conspicuously

Displayed on the neck of a beautiful

Maiden is the concentric ring formation

On the neck of lovely Special Dove.

Feathers that covered its body,

Display Divine’s splendor for though it looks like

Feathers as it has been on the necks of other birds,

But the suigeneris nature of yours is Superb my special Dove

When you raise your wings and the

Underneath is revealed showing down

Feathers, filo-plumes, you look radiantly

Radiant, more attractive oh my Special Dove

When ready for flight and the quill

Feathers of your tail and wings are lifted

Up other birds, mammals and humans cannot

But suspend what they are doing to behold thee, oh Special Dove

While beholding you are you fly in

The firmament they continue to wonder

At thine creation, exulting the Divine for

Creating thee in such a wondrous manner Special Dove.

Legs of my bird are one on town,

The scales on its legs are like ornaments

Placed on necks of mammals for beautification

Of the maidens that have betrothed, oh charming Special Dove


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