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My Soul Partner


Our souls were meant to travel together in this life we call home.

This life we created out of love continues to grow.

Every experience has led me to you, if only I had known.

I would do everything over to make sure I still found you.

You’re my best friend, my partner the love of my life.

The reason I try to become better, the reason I’m anew

You drag me out of the mud and help me keep my feet on the ground.

We make each other better, we learn as we grow

We balance one another, eager to know.

Know everything about each other, we continue to learn

All the facets that make us who we are and love grows more.

I want to be there for you, always and forever.

Be the support and love you need to keep you by my side, leave never.

Marriage is a bond, a spiritual promise, to travel through this life as one.

Side by side, we hold hands, and form a union so strong only you and I spun.

Spun like a web that catches us when we fall, trip over cracks that knock us to the ground.

When you fall I fall, but we get back up.

When we rise, we are stronger, marriage tightly bound.


© 2018 Kimberly Johnson

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