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Family Betrayal: My Sister Is No More

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My sister,

My sibling,

What have you done?

Betrayed me,

Dismayed me,

Who have you become?

Our father

Our mother

Grow older, regress

My heart aches

I care take

Yet feel no duress

They raised us

They praised us

Yet we’re night and day

You bully,

So bossy,

Must have the last say


You’re oldest

One ‘tween us

I’m your “baby brother”

Does that make

You expert

On what’s "best" for Mother?

My honor

To Dad was,

To always be there

You diss Mom

Dismiss Mom

Do you even care?

So angry,

So artful,

You slither and slide

Your scheming

Day dreaming

I watch you connive

It’s all for your own sake

This fantasy care take

Do you think nobody sees?

Your sugary words

Masking actions like swords

I've prayed, and dear God quite agrees


So needy

So greedy

I’m onto you, honey

Your pretense

An offense

It’s all for their money

As Mom becomes older

Your plot becomes bolder

Why must you treat her this way?

“Just sign here”

“Just trust me”

How much have you stolen today?

Life split you

Then spit you

All hardened by sin

Heart’s hateful


No sunlight shines in

You deceiving,

Mom believing,

I told her you lied

We’ll fight you

God smite you

‘Cause right’s on our side

My sibling,

A stranger,

My sister no more

Just wait ‘til

Your own daughter

Evens the score

© July, 2009 Mighty Mom



I penned this poem in longhand on a yellow legal pad over the weekend. Hubby and I finally declared a much-needed weekend for ourselves. We loaded the kayak (it's a tandem) and headed to Inverness on Tomales Bay for some fresh air to clear our heads. Ah, heaven is a waterscape!

Precipitating this impromptu vacation was Hubby's discovery that the Family Trust is soon to be 100% controlled by Evil Sister. The Family Trust lawyer told Hubby he now works exclusively for her, no one else in the family.

We had a bit of trouble explaining this concept to Hubby's mom. We desperately needed to just get away to clear our heads and figure out a game plan to fight this latest injustice.

No surprise, Evil Sis struck while we were gone, bringing in a "doctor" to declare my mother-in-law incompetent - the final task on her "grab the Trust" to-do list.

Stay tuned for further developments as the dynamic duo of  MM and Hubby fight to bust the trust and rewrite it in the name of truth, justice, and sanity!! MM

Lies, Lies, Lies

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